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Business Consulting

Management Consulting

We also provide business consulting services such as planning and implementation of business strategies and transformation, DX planning and implementation, RFP creation, overseas expansion planning, and PMO support, based on our extensive industry and business knowledge and experience cultivated mainly in ERP global rollout. We can flexibly arrange our offer to your transformation stage, either with a spot or time & material support.


Medium- to long-term advisory support
Our consultants will provide regular meetings and advice on how to solve your company's problems by allocating a certain number of man-hours per month. We specialize in business strategies and transformation for clients in the manufacturing industry, where we have extensive knowledge.

Short-term specialist support
RFP preparation, PMO support, local business survey, local vendor selection, third-party opinion, etc. We provide support on a fixed-term contract basis for spot support, especially when you are considering implementing a new DX solution.

We will interview you to analyze the issues that your company is facing, consider whether our knowledge and expertise can help you, and then offer our proposal. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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