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Talent Management

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We are a sales partner of Kaonavi, a leading talent management system company. To discover the individuality and talent of employees and accelerate strategic HR management, it is essential to create a database of your people and utilize it. On the other hand, HR data varies from company to company and is not the kind of thing that can be applied with a template approach. The key to success or failure in DX is the flexibility to handle unique and complex HR operations, and Kaonavi is the most selected system in the industry due to its excellent UI/UX.


In many cases, the introduction of a new DX solution is the trigger for a review of the performance appraisal system itself and a renewal of the entire evaluation process along with the creation of a database of HR data. We also provide consulting support for the design and development of a new performance appraisal system, including project management support from project start-up to the design and development of the new system and its implementation.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and we will be happy to make a proposal that addresses your issues.

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