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RBX Toolkit

Rapidly and effectively ensuring Business Transformation through ERP implementation.

Global Rollout with RBX Toolkit

The approach may differ depending on whether it is a single company or multiple companies rollout, but in the latter case, we recommend that you shall build a standard operation template at the model company, and deploy it to the rest of the companies as a part of group-wide business operation standardization. By utilizing the RBX Toolkit, which integrates the global rollout know-how, we will support your company's group-wide business transformation.

Global Rollout with RBX Toolkit
SAP Partner Packaged Solution
RBX Toolkit Overview

Consolidation of best practices from manufacturing sales companies and IT companies into a single package

This is a set of implementation tools and methodologies originally developed by OneAyle from the perspective of both business users and system implementation consultants, based on our experience and knowledge in supporting more than 50 manufacturing sales companies and IT companies for SAP Business ByDesign implementation.


Quick Assessment

Through quick assessment*, we will determine whether the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign by RBX Toolkit may realize your company's post-ERP vision. This service is free of charge, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

​* The scope of the assessment includes a high-level demo based on the results of the interview on your company's business overview (including responses to the survey form) and the preparation of a rough quotation.

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