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Field Activity Management

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Repsly is a Field Activity Management (FAM) solution that helps maximize the performance of field teams. It is used not only in retail sales activities such as CPG, but also in various industries such as real estate, insurance, and construction.

It collects performance data from field activities in real-time and gives insights to the team from there. By simplifying field visit planning and reporting, encouraging communication within the team, and visualizing information that supports decision-making, we can increase sales and improve operational efficiency.

Insights Dashboards

Real-time visualization of in-store activity and sales performance through dashboards customized to meet the client's business needs.

Repsly insights dashboard rep scorecard
Repsly insights dashboard team activity summary

Field Team Management

Scheduling, ordering, data collection, and mileage tracking tools to drive team success and provide real-time coaching.

Repsly mobile activity feed
Repsly mobile document on form
Repsly mobile retail sales reporting

In-Store Execution

Helps field teams maximize the time they spend in-store, which is most important to them, by simplifying order entry, store audits, and reporting tasks.

If you are interested in a demo or a free trial of the solution, please feel free to contact us.

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